Flight of Angels (David Livingstone said when he first saw the Falls that “angels must have gazed upon this in flight”) – From a helicopter view the Zambezi River as it approaches the Falls, the spay as it rises from the gorge and then the zig-zag course of the river as it churns through the channel carved eons ago. River Cruise -Lush riverine vegetation, beautiful scenery, prolific bird life, and a variety of wildlife, on the iconic Zambezi River.

Walking Tour of the Falls – Very few people are ever really prepared for the incredible beauty, mesmerizing strength, and power of the mighty Victoria Falls”The Smoke That Thunders”. Standing on the edge of the precipice above the raging waters is quite unforgettable. Spray from the pounding water rises more than 60 feet into the air creating never-ending rain. Adrenaline Activities – Fly like a bird! Glide through gorges or swoop down over the river. Clipped into a harness gliding along a cable across the gorge, 380 ft above the river below. Village Tour-Visit a traditional Zimbabwean village giving insight into the old ways of the people. Most rural Zimbabweans are subsistence farmers, so they have little interaction with urban centers except when they want to sell surplus produce.

Elephant Sanctuary – Visit the home of rescued elephants. Learn about this vital conservation program, the guides that have journeyed with the elephants, and interact with the elephants themselves.

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