Africa Opens!

Please click on the image above to hear the lion roar as he welcomes visitors back to his homeland.

International flights are once again arriving in Southern and East Africa, the prime safari destinations.  The excitement is building as Africa prepares to welcome long awaited safari travelers.  I am sure you are longing to get out and explore the wide world again and Africa is probably the best destination to restart your travels.

Vaccines are finally on their way and confidence to travel again is on the rise.  You are ahead of the crowd.  There is enormous pent up demand for travel especially to remote destinations.  You are among the fortunate who have already booked their amazing safari trip.

In Africa you will find that new health and safety protocols have been implemented throughout the industry.  From social and dining distancing, easy medical assistance to the deep cleaning of rooms; rest assured Africa is ready. In fact the safari industry finds itself very well positioned and ahead of the pack.  Many of the lodges can now also offer Covid testing to ensure that the next phase of your vacation is not delayed.

Fast internet, small stand-alone camps for private and exclusive use, low numbers of guests, open Land Rovers and a myriad of outdoor experiences, all make Africa one of the prime place to visit.  The safari lodges simply can’t wait to re-connect and re-imagine your safari dreams.

This pandemic has forced us into a time of reflection.  The safari lodges have emerged better focused and ready to provide experiences of a lifetime.

We know that it is a matter of trust and confidence in order to get tourism moving again.  People will only travel if they feel safe.  In this regard, Africa has certain notable advantages over other global regions.  Africa is a prime destination for nature tourism – to see wildlife or to experience unspoiled landscapes and habitats.

The safari industry lends itself to social distancing, making it relatively easy for every part of the tourism value chain to implement strict hygiene protocols.

Furthermore, Africa, as the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics show, has been the least affected of all global regions.  Due to a combination of factors, infections across the continent have been considerably lower than those recorded elsewhere in the world, and the rate of new cases continue to slow.

2021 is set to be an amazing year for the industry and we are already booking trips into 2022, so space will be at a premium.  But your trip is already booked and you should be getting excited for your experience of a lifetime.

Conservation must continue even during the shutdown.  Great Plains successfully launched a program to repurpose their safari guides as game rangers in an effort to support conservation and the environment. 

Here is their story.  

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